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Shoe Vocabulary for English students

March 11, 2013

According to a study from Consumer Reports, the average American woman owns 17 pairs of shoes. The female teachers at CISL are not surprised by this report! What is in interesting is that each of these 17 pairs probably have a different name. Slipper shoe? Booty? Equestrian boots? Cross trainers? Moccasin? The following is a list of some interesting shoe vocabulary. What kinds of shoes do YOU have in your closet?

Ankle boot

These shoes have become very popular in the last few years! They are also called “booties.”

Ankle boot. My best friend’s hair.com

Ballet shoe

Also called a ballet slipper or slipper shoe, these comfortable shoes are very common.

Womens Mossimo Supply Co. Odell Ballet Flats - Black

Ballet shoes. Target.com


Birkenstocks are named after the company that makes them. There are several styles. There has been a joke about Birkenstocks since the company began: DO NOT WEAR THEM WITH SOCKS!

From Violapearl.com



Also called tennis shoes, tennies, trainers, or running shoes.

From weusecoupons.com


Doc Martens

Dr Martens, Docs, DMs . . . these unisex shoes were popular in the 90s and are back in style again!

Doc Martens. From journeys.com


Admittedly, we do not have to worry too much about footwear for rainy weather in most parts of California, but when it does rain, we are excited to put on our galoshes!

Galoshes. From thewaltzingmatildas.blogspot.com



“Heels” is a term used for any shoe that has a raised back part. From there, the possibility are endless! Peeptoe? Wedge? High heel? Stiletto? Each are a different type of heel. The following are some of the main types of heels.

Typical high heel. From heels.com

Stiletto (a much higher heel than a typical high heel). From sexyformyshoes.blogspot.com

Platform heels have a raised bottom so that girls seem MUCH taller than they really are! From sangmastro.com

Peeptoe heels just shoe the toe. From fashionispolitics.wordpress.com

Wedges have a wood or cork bottom to them.


Both men and women wear high-tops, although the shoe is probably more popular with men. The opposite of high-tops? Low-tops! We like the name. 🙂

From shoeblog.com

Low-tops. From converseoutlet.com


This men’s shoe comes in many different styles and has been a classic for decades.

Loafers. From theshoebuff.com


A sandal is any shoe that shows most of the foot. From there, you have the flip-flop/thong or the gladiator-style sandal.

From my101shoes.com



A woman’s shoe without a closed back is called a slingback. Instead of the back, there is just a small piece of material, which kind of looks like . . . a sling!

From stylishoutletstore.com



No laces! A perfect shoe for the California-style clothing we love.

From hypebeast.com

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