CISL San Diego named 2017 Best English School in North America by Japan's Ryugaku Journal

Quality English Language Schools
in San Diego and San Francisco

Intensive ESL Courses for International Students. Since 1972.


The mission of Converse International School of Languages (CISL) is to help our clients learn to communicate effectively
and with confidence in English.

With over 45 years of experience, Converse International School of Languages (CISL) is internationally recognized as a leader in effective language training. CISL’s locations in San Diego and San Francisco, California, offer programs and courses in English as a Second Language (ESL), including TOEFL, Cambridge English, and IELTS exam preparatory courses.

CISL is one of the only language schools in North America to guarantee a maximum of 8 students per class, providing every student with more speaking time and instructor attention than larger classes. In addition to improving their English language skills, CISL students have the opportunity to learn about other cultures in our diverse classrooms.

CISL language schools provide challenging and interesting classes designed to help students achieve their goals as quickly as possible. CISL instructors are trained to provide students with lessons catered to their personal, professional, and academic needs so they can begin communicating effectively and with confidence!

CISL students do more than just learn English. Students learn about different cultures and how to communicate with people from those cultures so that they can use English to connect with people from all over the world. Students can also experience many things in and around San Francisco and San Diego through the schools’ activity programs. School activities include things like visiting museums, wine tasting, rock climbing, and other fun things that help students to make new friends and use English in different situations.


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完整严谨的学术课程包括文法、理解、表达、累积词汇和发展流利性。 小班制教学帮助确保更多说话练习与对每位学生的注意。


成立于1789年,乔治城大学(Georgetown University)是世界上顶尖的教育机构之一。其一百多英亩校园坐落在波托马克河(Potomac River)岸,拥有歌特式与现代风格建筑的秀丽景致。 每周17小时的英语课加上3小时的下午文化研讨会。


世界闻名的加州大学伯克利分校(UC Berkeley)距离旧金山市中心只有几分钟的地铁车程。旧金山是全球最多样化和最有趣的城市之一。校园位于风格独特、充满艺术气息的伯克利镇中心,提供旧金山湾的优美景致。 每周17小时的英语课加上3小时的下午文化研讨会。


洛约拉马利蒙特大学(LMU)的崖顶校园,拥有广阔的修剪整齐的草坪和西班牙式建筑,位于加州的时尚与娱乐中心,洛杉矶市内。 每周17小时的英语课加上3小时的下午文化研讨会。


圣地亚哥大学的景观设计庭院及其西班牙文艺复兴与传教士风格建筑之美仅次于其所在环境的圣地亚哥、使命湾以及太平洋的壮丽景色。 每周17小时的英语课加上3小时的下午文化研讨会。


每周 17 小时 的英语课。

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