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Private English Lessons
in San Diego and San Francisco

One-on-One Instruction

Course Description 

Private lessons are based on the individual needs and goals of the student receiving the private lessons. In a student’s first private lesson, he or she has a conversation with the teacher, and they develop a plan together called a learning contract. The student’s interests, needs, and goals determine the focus of the private lesson learning contract. They revisit the learning contract each week to assess the student’s progress and make a plan for future lessons so that each lesson is valuable. 

Key Features

  • Teacher Feedback: students receive frequent feedback from their instructors on their progress.
  • Personal Attention: work one‐on‐one with a skilled English instructor.
  • Relevant Lessons: every aspect of every private lesson is designed for the private lesson student based on the student’s needs and goals.
Private Lessons
Levels Any level
Maximum # of students per class 1
Lessons per week From 1 to 30
Schedule Private lessons are scheduled at times that fit the student’s and instructor’s schedules. Please contact the school for more information.
Start dates Any Monday
Course length Students can choose how many private lessons they want; the minimum is 5 lessons.
Language focus Private Lessons are designed based on the needs and goals of the private lesson student.

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Note: Students taking any 20‐lesson per week course and who are requesting an I‐20 for a student visa will also need to take either an Afternoon Elective or attend a 1.5 hour Study Hall session each week in order to meet the 18‐hour per week minimum requirement for the student visa. One lesson = 50 minutes. For more information about U.S. visas, please read the visa information here or contact us directly using the online inquiry form.

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