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Global Success courses are designed for ambitious learners, business executives, and professionals who desire success in the global economy. These courses are taught in small groups (1:1 or up to 1:4 per class) to ensure that you receive a high level of individual attention. Additionally, classes are structured to maximize the contact time between you and your instructor, and every lesson has clear objectives designed to achieve results quickly. All CISL Global Success instructors are highly qualified native speakers—many with extensive business experience—who are committed to helping you achieve your goals.

Course Description 

The Global Success program is based on a balanced practice of various language skills. Students build vocabulary and spoken language skills, analyze written texts, learn to give effective presentations, and improve their ability to write letters, emails, and reports.

Course Objectives

  • News Review: lead and participate in class discussions, summarize an article, share opinions.
  • Comprehension and Expression: increase cultural awareness and ability to connect with people from other cultures, engage with lessons through goal setting and reflection, monitor progress with weekly recordings of mini‐ presentations.,
  • Accuracy of Grammar and Lexis: improve control and accuracy in English grammar, speaking, pronunciation, writing, reading, listening, and vocabulary. 

Key Features 

  • Weekly goal setting and in-depth teacher feedback
  • Student-influenced course content
  • Weekly recording of speaking progress

Course Benefits

  • Gain confidence in speaking for meetings and presentations
  • Improve writing skills for business reports, emails, and business letters
  • Increase general and industry-specific vocabulary
  • Increase comprehension and speed of reaction
  • Learn effective communication in everyday situations
Premier Executive Program in San Francisco - English for Global Success
Levels Lower‐Intermediate (A2) to Advanced (C2)
Maximum # of students per class 4
Lessons per week 20
Schedule Monday‐Friday from 9:00 a.m. ‐ 12:40 p.m. (Optional Private Lessons available in the afternoon)
Start dates Any Monday
Course length Students can choose how long they want to stay in the course; the minimum is 2 weeks.
Language focus General and Business English

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Note: Students taking any 20‐lesson per week course and who are requesting an I‐20 for a student visa will also need to take either an Afternoon Elective or attend a 1.5 hour Study Hall session each week in order to meet the 18‐hour per week minimum requirement for the student visa. One lesson = 50 minutes. For more information about U.S. visas, please read the visa information here or contact us directly using the online inquiry form

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It's the best experience in my life. CISL changed my life. Thanks to the teachers and the staff, I could improve my english and feel more confident. Also, thanks to their professionalism, I could find a job in my country while I was studying in Converse.

Marine, FRANCE
Global Success