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Bring Your Class to the USA in 2018!

CISL Junior Programs:

Great schools start not only with great teachers, but with great students! We are looking for qualified, motivated teachers to bring English language students (ages 13 - 17) to one of our six incredible programs in the United States during the summer. If you are a motivated, enthusiastic teacher looking to increase your salary (and provide your students with the opportunity to enhance their language skills), and if you have the opportunity to visit the US, then this position is for you. 


  • Over 45 years of success teaching English to international students
  • Five fabulous campus locations on both coasts. Working with us provides the chance to visit either a familiar (or new) city and have a mini-vacation at the same time
  • Participation free of cost. For teachers who bring a minimum of 12 students, accommodation/meals and activities/excursions are covered.
  • An excellent addition to regular English-language learning during the academic year
  • Travel planning assistance 


We know that as a teacher, you have earned the trust and respect of your students and their families. You would only recommend language learning activities that truly enhance your students’ language skills. 

As an established language academy with passionately dedicated language teachers, we understand this. We take pride in our staff and services, and our schools can be recommended with the utmost confidence. 


Sell something in your professional market—education—and enjoy the comfort of additional income. We offer incentives for every student you enroll and offer additional perks (free accommodation, meals, etc.) for teachers who enroll large groups.


We provide more than just excellent language classes to our students: our schools also excel at offering students unique extracurricular activities. Teachers who bring a minimum of 12 students can participate in all activities for free: accommodation, meals, activities, and excursions are all paid for by our institution. Spend some time in one of five incredible cities in the United States, and learn about the city from its locals…at no cost!


Improve your teaching skills while traveling! Engaging with language learners outside of the traditional classroom is an opportunity to gain valuable experience as a teacher. You will also have the chance to interact with other language instructors who are a wealth of information on language learning, teaching methodology, and teaching tips. 


Your students will have questions, and you might not have all the answers. Not to worry! We are here to guide you through every step of the recruitment and enrollment process as well as provide you with recruitment materials such as brochures, video, PowerPoint presentations, and flyers.

Specific Responsibilities Include:


  • Possess a comprehensive understanding of our Junior Programs and our school methodology in order to fully explain the benefits of studying English in the U.S. to your students (and their parents).
  • Be confident giving presentations to students and their parents 


  • Understand your competitors and what sets our program apart. Be able to communicate these concepts to your students.


  • Communicate deadlines to your students and encourage enrollment before these dates.
  • Utilize your organization skills (which, as a teacher, are probably already quite strong!) to ensure all paperwork is submitted at the appropriate times.    


Group leaders are expected to:

  • Provide direct supervision of all students in your group so that their safety and adherence to policies are ensured at all times
  • Attend all activities with your group
  • Coordinate and participate in Sunday activities with your group
  • Live in shared accommodations (shared room and bathroom)
  • Purchase a local cell phone plan and maintain availability by cell phone during the course of your stay


  • Currently serve as a teacher to (or have access to) a classroom of language learners.
  • Candidates must of be willing to travel with students to one of our locations.

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New for 2018!

Our junior academic program has been designed specifically for today’s tech-savvy youth living in a touch-of-the button, fast-paced world. This CISL-created curriculum consists of enrichment courses providing an introduction to topics ranging from speaking and the arts, exam preparation strategies, academic subject matter (including STEM), and global business topics and leadership. These interactive lessons go above and beyond the standard ESL program. Designed to challenge and engage students, our program will give your student the analytic and critical thinking skills necessary for their future at university and beyond. Download curriculum information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why study with us?

  • fast-paced, exciting classes
  • valuable course content
  • small class sizes (Max 10, Avg 8)
  • excellent instructors
  • build confidence in speaking!

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