Is laundry available?

Yes, laundry is available on campus for a fee. Students must do their own laundry. A staff member is available to assist if needed.


Is WiFi available? Is it free?

Yes. WiFi is available on all campuses and is free of charge.


What do students do on Sundays? Are Sunday activities included?

All Sunday activities are at the student’s expense. Program Managers will provide a list of a few activities (with prices) to choose from by Thursday prior to the Sunday activity. Staff accompanies students on optional excursions

If students choose to not go on one of the selected activities, they can remain on campus to do laundry, study and do homework, rest, or participate in supervised on-campus activities (such as swimming and field sports).


Can students leave campus unsupervised?

Students are not allowed to leave the campus unsupervised. If a student requests to go off campus, they must be accompanied by a CISL staff member.


Where can I see photos of my child/children?

You can see see photos of your children on the CISL Jr Program Facebook page and Instagram account.


Do you have staff on campus that speaks X language?

Unfortunately CISL does not hire translators during the summer. On rare occasions, we have staff members who speak multiple languages and can assist with students who are having trouble communicating. If a staff member is not available, we use on-campus group leaders or advanced students to assist with translating.


What do students do during the excursions to New York and Boston?

The New York and Boston trip itineraries vary annually. Some of the activities we have done in the past include Top of the Rock, walking the Brooklyn Bridge, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, Times Square (New York), Faneuil Hall, Harvard Square, visit to MIT, Quincy Market (Boston).


What are your airport transfer fees?

Prices are per person:

  • Chicago (ORD) -> $200 one way
  • San Diego Airport->University of San Diego = $80 one way

  • LAX->Loyola Marymount University = $80 one way

  • LAX->University of San Diego = $325 one way

  • Dulles International-> Georgetown University = $150

  • JFK-> Yale = $295 one way

  • San Francisco International-> UC Berkeley = $250 one way


Does the Unaccompanied Minor Service cost extra?

Yes, the UNMS fees vary by university. The fee is in addition to any fees charged by airline.

  • Loyola University Chicago: $135 (arrival); $155 (departure)
  • University of San Diego: $125 (arrival); $150 (departure)

  • Loyola Marymount University: $125 (arrival); $150 (departure)

  • Yale: $135 (arrival); $155 (departure)

  • Georgetown: $135 (arrival); $155 (departure)

  • UC Berkeley: $135 (arrival); $155 (departure)


When can my student arrive on campus if they are getting dropped off?

Student arrival time is after 16.00 on their start date.


When should my student depart campus if they are getting picked up?

Student departure time is before 12.00 on their departure date.


Can my child arrive on a Saturday?

Generally students can arrive on a Saturday for an extra fee. Please contact the Junior Programs Director for pre-approval.


Does my child need to pay a deposit?

Yes, all students must pay a $150 (US) cash deposit to the Program Manager upon arrival. The deposit is refunded on departure after a room inspection. Please note that the deposit may also be retained for rule infractions.


What should my child pack?

Please see CISL’s suggested packing list.


How much spending money should my child bring?

Spending money varies on each student's spending habits. Students should plan to bring about $100 per week for laundry, souvenirs, snacks or other personal items the student may need.


Is AC available on campus?

AC is only available at the Georgetown and Loyola University Chicage program. Students at the Yale program are provided with a box fan for their bedrooms. The California programs do not tend to experience high temperatures that would require AC and/or fans.