berkeley english camp

Summer English Camp at UC Berkeley

2, 3, or 4 week English Course + Activities

8 student class average; 10 student class maximum

With CISL’s Summer English Camp in Berkeley, California, the best of the Bay Area is at students’ fingertips! Teens live and study in small-town Berkeley and enjoy the charming cafes, boutiques, and beautiful parks that help make it one of the most charismatic cities in the country. Iconic San Francisco is just minutes away and easily accessed by public transportation. What could be better for international teens than an English summer camp in San Francisco?

Set against a hillside across the bay from San Francisco, the exciting campus of world famous UC Berkeley welcomes students from around the world. There are many exciting and interesting things to see and do for students nearby. During the day, students immerse themselves in CISL’s English classes and interact with other international students. The “English only” classroom instruction focuses on the speaking, listening, grammar, and reading skills necessary to communicate effectively in English and uses engaging curriculum to do so. With no more than 10 students per class, students are guaranteed individual attention from their qualified CISL instructor.

With CISL's English Summer Camp in San Francisco, afternoons are reserved for cultural workshops, activities organized by CISL such as park picnics and shopping, and exploration of culturally rich Berkeley, which so many artistic and academic people call “home.” During the weekends, students enjoy excursions to San Francisco and other exciting California locations.

Center Highlights

The Berkeley English Camp includes:

  • Classes and accommodations at one of the most acclaimed public institutions in the United States: University of California, Berkeley
  • Berkeley, an environmentally conscious town with beautiful green spaces, parks, and charming Strawberry Creek, provides a peaceful escape to nature amid the Bay Area bustle
  • Numerous boutiques and cafes offer endless entertainment
  • Easy and quick public transportation to San Francisco and the rest of the Bay Area

Residential Accommodations

CISL's English Camp at UC Berkeley accommodations provide Berkeley English Camp students with the opportunity to live in unique and famous Berkeley, California.

  • Residence on the lovely and safe UC Berkeley campus, with 19th century Beaux-arts Classical style buildings
  • Shared room/shared bath
  • 21 meals per week included
  • Wi-Fi access
  • Laundry facilities

English Courses

Berkeley English Camp students experience the effective CISL curriculum in an academically stimulating setting.

  • Students study on Berkeley’s peaceful and beautiful campus, which overlooks the San Francisco Bay
  • Small class size: 8 students per class on average (no more than 10)
  • 20 English courses (total of 17 hours) per week
  • Classes from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm Monday through Friday (with a 20 minute break)
  • CISL's ESL Program in San Francisco also offers afternoon Cultural Workshops (3 hours per week)


ESL Camp San Francisco students see what the San Francisco Bay area has to offer in regard to culture, physical activity, and socialization.

  • CISL’s full schedule of afterschool and weekend activities provide students with plenty of opportunities to experience the Bay Area’s museums, parks, shopping, restaurants, and activities
  • With well-organized afterschool and evening activities, students have the ability to socialize, gain an even better understanding of American culture, and enjoy physical exercise
  • All-day and half-day weekend excursions provide the chance to explore even more of beautiful California and take advantage of its outstanding weather
  • See the sample Berkeley Activities Calendar for details on CISL's exciting activities!
CISL English Camp at UC Berkeley Details
20 lessons per week: from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm each day with a 20 minute break from 10:40 to 11:00.

Class levels: 4

Cultural Workshops (3 hours/week): In addition to English classes Monday-Friday 9:00am-12:30 pm, on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 1:30-3:00 pm, students of CISL's ESL Program in San Francisco will engage in lively discussions and conversation exercises which pertain directly to their afternoon/weekend activities.
university residence, 21 meals/week (all meals included); shared bath
Activities  san francisco goldengate 175
Goldengate Bridge
 sf alcatraz 175
 sf chinatown 175
Afternoon or evening activities Mondays through Fridays; full day Saturday; half day Sunday activity. View our sample activities calendar.
Airport Transfers
Group: $125 round trip per person
Individual: $125 each way

uc berkeley english camp for international students

UC Berkeley Program Daily Schedule
  Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
9:00-10:40 English Class

all day excursions

half day excursions
10:40-11:00 Break
11:00-12:30 English Class
12:30-13:30 Lunch
13:30-15:00 Afternoon Activities Cultural Workshops Afternoon Activities Cultural Workshops Afternoon Activities
15:00-18:00 Afternoon or Evening Activities

*Afternoon English cultural workshops are included to encourage fluency and spontaneous use of the language, guided debate practice, exchange of ideas and experiences, and active listening practice.

** Monday July 4th is a national holiday; activities will be provided on this day.

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New! Junior Global Advantage Curriculum

The Junior Global Advantage program is designed specifically for today’s tech-savvy youth living in a touch-of-the button, fast-paced world. This CISL-created curriculum consists of enrichment courses providing an introduction to topics ranging from speaking and the arts, exam preparation strategies, academic subject matter (including STEM), and global business topics and leadership. These interactive lessons go above and beyond the standard ESL program. Designed to challenge and engage students, our program will give your student the analytic and critical thinking skills necessary for their future at university and beyond.

Why study with us?

  • fast-paced, exciting classes
  • valuable course content
  • small class sizes (Max 10, Avg 8)
  • excellent instructors
  • build confidence in speaking!


CISL Junior Programs
636 Broadway, Suite 210
San Diego, CA 92101
ph: 619.501.0205
fax: 619.239.3778


Program Profiles

Attention Group Leaders and Teachers!

Complimentary accommodations and activities are included for one group leader with each group of 12 students. For groups of fewer than 12, the cost of accommodations and activities will be proportionate to the number of students in the group.

Interested in bringing your students to one of our Junior programs? Contact the Junior Director for information.

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UC Berkeley Video

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