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English Training for Career Preparation & Professional Development



The English Training for Global Success program is designed for career preparation and professional development. The unique advantage of the course is that it offers a mix of both closely tutored core skills and collaborative project work. The learner outcomes are: a deep understanding of the language, ability to speak with clarity and be understood, ability to write with impact and communicate a message in clear written English, in addition to team-building and project management skills, and cross-cultural collaboration. The program can be supplemented with one-to-one lessons with a personal tutor to focus on exam preparation, English for specific purposes, or any specialized area.


  • Deep understanding of the language
  • Write with impact and communicate in clear, written English
  • Ability to speak with clarity and be understood
  • Team building and project management skills
  • Cross cultural collaboration

Course Description

The program includes four sessions of key skills for accuracy and performance in the language.

Course Objective

  • Architecture of the Language

    Accuracy allows the professional to communicate effectively: to be convincing, to be inspiring and to lead from the front.

  • Clarity of Spoken Interaction

    Careful and detailed work to master pronunciation skills allows the learner to be understood and to operate on an equal basis with native speakers in a variety of situations such as debates, negotiations, meetings and presentations.

  • Writing Effective Professional Communication

    Develops cogent phraseology which is needed for effective written communications from emails, letters, summaries to a detailed report. Important for presenting arguments and making an impact and achieving clarity of communication.

  • Leadership Skills

    To present arguments clearly and inspire the audience, whether internal colleagues or external audiences. Collaboration skills for achieving consensus which gives professional relationships the best opportunity to thrive and which encourages high performance.

Key Features


    Students receive frequent feedback from their instructors on their progress.


    The maximum class size  is 5 students, so students get a lot of personal attention and feel comfortable in a small group.


    In addition to linguistic competence, students will be equipped with learning skills, literacy skills, and life skills

  • Collaboration

    This course offers a mix of both closely tutored core skills and collaborative project work.

Premier Executive Program in San Francisco – English for Global Success
LevelsLower‐Intermediate (A2) to Advanced (C2)
Maximum # of students per class5
Lessons per week21.5
ScheduleMonday‐Friday from 9:00 ‐ 13:00 (Optional Private Lessons available in the afternoon)
Start datesAny Monday
Course lengthStudents can choose how long they want to stay in the course; the minimum is 2 weeks.
Language focusProfessional Development

Students who are enrolled in the English Training for Global Success Course can also enroll in…

  • Free Skills Workshop (Monday – Thursday 2:00 p.m. – 3:40 p.m.)
  • Private Lessons (flexible times)
  • *FREE* Study Hall (one day per week 2:00 p.m. ‐3:30 p.m.)

Note: Students taking any 21.5‐lesson per week course and who are requesting an I‐20 for a student visa will also need to take either a private lesson or attend a 1.5 hour Study Hall session each week in order to meet the 18‐hour per week minimum requirement for the student visa. One lesson = 50 minutes. For more information about U.S. visas, please read visa information here or contact us directly using the online inquiry form.