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English in Use Course (San Francisco Only)

English in Use
LevelsBasic (A1) to Advanced (C2)
Maximum # of students per class8
Lessons per week8
ScheduleMonday‐Thursday, 1:30 p.m. ‐3:10 p.m.
Start datesAny Monday
Course lengthStudents can choose how long they want to stay in the course; the minimum is 2 weeks.
Language focusGeneral English

Course Description

The goal of the English in Use Course is for students to become confident and fluent when using English in everyday situations.

Students in the English in Use Course are assigned a collaborative project to complete each week. Each collaborative project assignment is designed to give students the opportunity to put their English knowledge and skills into practice. Language learners who actively use their language to complete tasks are able to become more capable communicators, so English in Use students do tasks and projects that require them to use English in many different ways so that they will feel confident and prepared when using English outside of the classroom.

Course Objectives

  • Use English to Communicate

    students use English to express ideas, gather information, give opinions, report information, and more.

  • Collaborate with Others

    students work with their classmates, allowing them to practice their English communication skills, learn from their peers, and get experience communicating with people from other cultures.

  • Identify Strengths and Weaknesses

    since students are actively using English in many different ways, this course helps students to identify what they can do well and what they need more practice in.

Key Features

  • Teacher Feedback: students receive frequent feedback from their instructors on their progress.
  • Small Classes: the maximum class size in the English in Use Course is 8 students, so students get a lot of personal attention and feel comfortable in a small group
  • Engaging and Dynamic Projects: each week features a different project that encourages students to use English to accomplish something; example projects include an interior design proposal, a debate, a presentation on American cuisine, a story‐based podcast, a greeting card pitch, a film review, and more!

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Note: Students taking any 20‐lesson per week course and who are requesting an I‐20 for a student visa will also need to take either an Afternoon Elective or attend a 1.5 hour Study Hall session each week in order to meet the 18‐hour per week minimum requirement for the student visa. One lesson = 50 minutes. For more information about U.S. visas, please read the information here or contact us directly using the online inquiry form.