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Летняя молодежная программа в Йельском университете

Летняя программа изучения английского языка в Йельском университете

(Курсы английского языка продолжительностью 2, 3 или 4 недели + мероприятия)

Учащиеся живут и учатся на территории Йельского университета – одного из самых престижных американских университетов, входящих в Лигу плюща, славящегося своей богатой четырехвековой историей, а также прекрасной готической и модернистской архитектурой. Здания Йельского университета, его башни, лужайки, внутренние дворики, аллеи, ворота и арки составляют, по мнению одного архитектурного критика, «самый красивый городской кампус в Америке».

Летняя молодежная международная программа в Йельском университете

20 уроков в неделю:каждый учебный день с 9:00 до 12:30; 20-минутный перерыв с 10:40 до 11:00.

4 разных уровня *В программу включены дневные занятия по культуре.

Занятия по культуре:В дополнение к урокам английского языка, которые проходят с понедельника по пятницу с 9:00 до 12:30, по вторникам и четвергам с 13:30 до 15:00 учащиеся будут участвовать в оживленных дискуссиях и разговорных упражнениях, напрямую связанных с мероприятиями, проводящимися после занятий или в выходные дни.

Примечание: в группу входит в среднем 8 человек, максимум – 10 человек (из-за ограниченного размера учебных помещений в Йеле).

Yale University Residence, 21 meals/week
Мероприятия Бостон


activities yale mystic 175sm

Мистический морской порт.
Мероприятия на полдня плюс одна экскурсия на целый день
Смотрите примерный календарь мероприятий
Трансфер из аэропорта
Стоимость группового* трансфера из аэропорта (JFK) $125 (не входит в стоимость программы). Стоимость индивидуального трансфера можно узнать у Директора Молодежных программ.


Расписание на день
  Понед. Вторник Среда Четверг пятница суббота Воскресенье
9:00-10:40 Английский язык экскурсия

Английский язык

Свободный день
10:40-11:00 Перерыв Перерыв
11:00-12:30 Английский язык Английский язык
12:30-13:30 Обед Обед
13:30-15:00 Дневные мероприятия Занятия по культуре Занятия по культуре Дневные мероприятия
15:00-18:00 Дневные или вечерние мероприятия Дневные или вечерние мероприятия

* Понедельник 4 июля– государственный праздник; в этот день будут проводиться мероприятия.

вернуться к Английский Инфо лагеря

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Our junior academic program has been designed specifically for today’s tech-savvy youth living in a touch-of-the button, fast-paced world. This CISL-created curriculum consists of enrichment courses providing an introduction to topics ranging from speaking and the arts, exam preparation strategies, academic subject matter (including STEM), and global business topics and leadership. These interactive lessons go above and beyond the standard ESL program. Designed to challenge and engage students, our program will give your student the analytic and critical thinking skills necessary for their future at university and beyond.

Why study with us?

  • fast-paced, exciting classes
  • valuable course content
  • small class sizes (Max 10, Avg 8)
  • excellent instructors
  • build confidence in speaking!


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Yale Testimonials

Santiago spent wonderful days at the summer camp and he also learned very well the English language. Many friends asked us about our experience with you and we say that it is not only wonderful, it is trustable. Sorry that I do not have more kids!

Bolivian mother. Son went to Yale, 2017

This summer I spent three fascinating weeks at Yale. An experience that stands out in my mind is my zip-line adventure at Brownstone. There was a zip-line to the water and using it seemed to be so dangerous when I had to jump from a rock to the air where only the line was holding and moving me. Then I felt very excited and satisfied when I saw the beautiful nature of Brownstone from the air and touched the water with my feet - that evoked amazing feelings. Another thing I can't forget is The Yale Art Gallery which we visited during the first week of the program. Some paintings and sculptures represented there truly amazed me. "Rooms for tourists" by Edward Hopper is the one I remember best because of it's contrast of darkness and electric light and contradiction of uneven forms of nature and the ideal form of architecture.  Also, I was lucky to be a part of a strong learning group. We had very educational and fairly interesting workshops where I learned how to describe art, musical genres and scientific inventions.  Lastly, the program gave me some friends from all over the world. I never felt lonely during the program which I appreciate and I still keep in touch with my new friends.

Ana, 16, Russia, Yale, 2017


My favorite part of this program was that it served many unique classes which I can't take in Japan. My best memory was that we could make a lot of friends in foreign countries. I don't have opportunities which I communicate with foreigners in my country. I could know that communication skill is more important than speaking skill. It was very precious experience for me.

Aruha, 16, Japan, Yale, 2017

Staying at Yale was, for sure, the best experience of my life! All the staffs were very hardworking and supported me at all times! They made everything go perfect! The trips were very well organized and very exciting! We visited very cool places in Boston and NY. The best part for me was meeting people from other countries and learning about their culture. The classes were very dynamic and we spoke a lot about our countries, it wasn't a massive work. The hardest part was to say goodbye to my friends and the staffs. We made so good memories together and we were like a very big family. I hope I can go back to Yale someday!

Gabriella, 13, Brazil, Yale, 2017

CISL has brought me the best english learning experience I've ever had, so much so that things such as dreaming in English are now a common occurrence. We had some awesome trips to New York City and Boston, as well as fun evening acticivities and liberty to move around Yale in our free time.The staff was really friendly and tried their best to make the best of our time. The classes were pretty demanding, excellent to perfect your English once and for all. Every class was unique, it surpiresed me how I ended learning more from topics I thought I had already mastered.

Juan Carlos, 16, Spain, Yale, 2017

My favorite part was going to New York  City. It was wonderful to visit some popular places. I also like our lessons with Ted Talks, discussions about the future and debates were a really valuable experience. In addition, preparing a speech about work of art was also very interesting. I've learn a lot. And last but not least, I liked communicating with people so much. All of them were different and all of them were wonderful <3 Missing these great days!

Valeriia, 16, Ukraine, Yale, 2017

My favorite part was meeting new people (like my amazing class) and playing laser tag. It was really fun! I enjoyed playing games in the basement [gameroom] or or staying in the library with friends.

Matthieu, 15, Poland, Yale, 2017