A Day in the Life of a CISL SF Student

What is life like for a CISL student? Today Barbara, a student at CISL San Francisco who will soon take the Cambridge Exam, gives us a glimpse into her daily schedule. Thanks, Barbara, for sharing your day with us!

One day in my new life

By Barbara, CISL SF Student

It’s a typical Monday morning. It’s 7.30 am and my alarm clock rings. I know there is a new exiting day waiting for me in San Francisco. I get up, take a shower, eat some bread with jam and drink a coffee.

Fortunately, Converse International School of Languages is downtown so I can wake up while walking to school. Since two months ago I have been studying English and I’m going to take a Cambridge exam in the beginning of March. My class consists of four students and starts at 9.00 am.

As every morning

we talk about our free time activities from the previous day. Yesterday was the Super Bowl day, so everyone talked about it. Whereas for the girls the best part was the show act from Madonna, the boys enjoyed the game the most.

The last hour before the break is always quite hard because my stomach is grumbling and I’m looking forward to get my sandwich together with a cup of coffee. During the break I met up with my friends from other classes and we discussed the living in San Francisco.

Grammar, vocabulary, speaking, listening, reading are our topics of the class. These are also the topics which will be covered at the exam. I personally prefer the speaking part, because there we can share our experiences from our home countries.


I took a green salad with me for lunch and I ate it in a classroom together with other students. That’s maybe not typical of a Monday, as I also sometimes pick up something nearby.

As usual, after school I went for a run. It’s good to get fresh air, to get my head free and to enjoy the nice view over the Golden Gate Bridge. A downside of living in San Francisco is the steep hills. Now I’m used to it, but at the beginning I got muscle pain after my daily run.

Afterwards I did my homework, studied for my exam, and cooked dinner. At 10.30 pm I went to bed and dreamed of a new exciting day in San Francisco.