Intensive ESL Training in San Diego since 1972

Since 1972, people from all over the world have learned to communicate effectively and with confidence in English at Converse International School of Languages (CISL). CISL has an adult ESL school in San Diego offering a variety of language courses to help students improve their skills in English. CISL also has several junior programs throughout the year across the U.S. for students ages 13-17.

One of the things that makes CISL special is its focus on small class sizes. Every CISL class has a maximum of eight students, and the Executive English courses have a maximum of only four students per class! Learning and using a second language can be stressful and challenging. Being in small classes helps CISL students feel comfortable, get personal attention from their teachers, and focus on their particular needs and goals.

Since people have many different reasons for learning English, CISL offers a variety of English courses in academic English, business English, and more. People also have different schedules and amounts of time available, so many of CISL’s courses allow students to join a class on any Monday and stay for any number of weeks. Students can customize their schedules and enroll in the courses that will help them achieve their goals in the time that they have available.


Why Choose CISL?

  • Teachers

    Professional teachers

  • Nationalities

    Excellent mix of nationalities

  • Courses

    Challenging and effective courses

  • Experience

    Over 45 years of experience!

Our integrated CISL curriculum combines grammar, vocabulary building, reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Small classes with a maximum of 6 students (average 5) in our adult class, maximum 10 (average 8) students in our junior classes, and maximum of 4 students per Premier class guarantee that you will receive a high level of personal attention and maximum learning opportunities.

Our interactive teaching method engages you in the learning process so that you learn communication skills and develop confidence quickly. We offer 10 different levels, so there will be a class which is just right for you. An individualized placement test on your first day will determine your correct level. Throughout the course, your progress will be evaluated according to the CISL Grading Standards. An exit test on your last day will measure your progress. You will receive a Converse International School of Languages English Certificate and a detailed report of your progress in each skill area.

The minimum age for our Adult courses is 18 years. The age range for our Junior courses is 13 – 17 years.

Outside of the classroom, CISL coordinates several different services for its students including:

  • accommodation in student residences and homestays
  • transportation to and from the airport
  • evening and weekend activities
  • free conversation hours


Converse International School of Languages (CISL) in San Diego is accredited by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation for the period December 2014 through December 2024 and agrees to uphold the CEA Standards for English Language Programs and Institutions.

CEA is recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education as a national accrediting agency for English language programs and institutions in the U.S. For further information about this accreditation, please contact CEA.

CEA Information

Commission on English Language Program Accreditation
1001 North Fairfax Street, Suite 630
Alexandria, VA 22314 USA
+1 703-665-3400


CISL is a member of English USA (, an organization that serves and supports intensive English programs in the U.S. with professional development, professional standards, and advocacy.

Quality English

Quality English is a group of established, independent schools who are carefully selected for their commitment to excellence in English language teaching and the exceptional service they offer to students. We are proud to be one of a select group of Quality English schools around the world. Find out more about Quality English and QE schools.

Quality Standards

CISL’s curriculum and student services are regularly monitored, evaluated, and improved to ensure that they continue to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of CISL students and partners.

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