CISL’s Small English Classes
= Accelerated Results!

CISL is one of the only language schools in North America to guarantee no more than 8 students per adult class. Our small class sizes allow for increased individual attention to students as well as speaking time.

Additionally, because CISL is well known for our small classes, we attract more serious and highly motivated students, who choose to study with us because of our quality commitment of never more than 8 students per class.

Compare the difference. The class below has 16 students.

Why are small classes so important?

Small classes are great for all types of subjects from math to biology. Small classes are especially important when the class subject requires a lot of interaction, practice, and teacher feedback – like learning English! CISL is committed to providing students with the opportunity to learn English in small classes. CISL classes have a maximum of 8 students per class. The Premier English Courses in San Diego have a maximum of 4 students per class!

Here are some of benefits to studying English in a small class at CISL:

1. Students can interact a lot in class.

Learning to communicate in English requires practice, practice, and more practice! In a small class, students have more opportunities to communicate in class and can practice using their English in a comfortable environment.

2. The teacher can focus on student needs.

When a teacher has a small class, he or she can get to know the students well and learn about each student’s strengths and weaknesses. Then, the teacher can design lessons to the individual needs, goals, and interests of the students in the class.

3. It’s easy to ask questions.

In a larger class, students may be afraid or embarrassed to ask questions. In a small class, students are more comfortable with their classmates and teacher, so it’s easier for them to ask questions. Teachers can also spend more time answering student questions in a small class.

4. Students build relationships with their classmates.

In a small class, it’s easy for students to get to know their classmates quickly. Most CISL students don’t know anyone else in school when they arrive, but they are able to build friendships quickly with their classmates. Since the classes are small, it’s easy for students to talk to everyone in class and feel welcome from the beginning. And, since CISL has a diverse population, CISL students make friends with people from all over the world!

5. Small classes attract motivated students.

It’s really hard to play on your phone or fall asleep in class with only 8 students! Small classes encourage students to participate and stay engaged, so CISL attracts motivated students who want to make the most of their time. This creates an interesting, dynamic, and stimulating learning environment at CISL.

6. Students build relationships with their teachers.

Teachers can spend time working one-on-one with students in a small class. In a large class, a teacher might not even know every student’s name, but at CISL, teachers can build relationships with their students. This makes it easier for students to feel comfortable asking for help from their teacher and makes it easier for the teacher to plan lessons that will excite and challenge the students in class.

7. Students are more comfortable.

A lot of people don’t like speaking in front of a group of people in their native language. So, it can be very stressful to speak in front of a classroom full of people in a foreign language. Students can feel more relaxed when they use English in small groups at CISL.