Premier Private English Lessons – San Diego

Reach professional English goals quickly by working one-on-one with a CISL Premier English private lesson instructor. In these individualized courses, students gain the English skills necessary to compete in the global market and develop a communicative advantage over colleagues.

Through CISL’s Premier private lessons, the student meets with his or her instructor (who possesses a background in business and Business English) and expresses all language learning goals related to his or her professional industry. The instructor then carefully selects texts and class content in order to create both an individualized study plan with clearly targeted outcomes and effective assessment methods that are designed to chart student successes.

CISL Premier students speak at length about business plans, use supervisory language with ease, and confidently articulate business needs, methods, goals. After the course, students more easily form lasting professional relationships thanks to this newfound command of the English language.

Advantages of CISL Premier Private Lessons

  • Access to CISL’s most highly qualified instructors
  • One-on-one instruction in a comfortable and professional classroom setting
  • Effectively designed, individualized curriculum
  • Engaging instruction time catered to student’s desired pace
  • Well-established assessment methods
  • Valuable use of classroom hours = more efficient learning