Turkey Idioms

In honor of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, we have some turkey-related idioms that are sure to make you laugh!

Cold Turkey

Stop something immediately.

Some people quit smoking by smoking less and less each day until eventually, they do not smoke any cigarettes at all. Not me. I quit cold turkey. 

Have you ever quit anything? How did you do it? Did you do it cold turkey?


Go Cold Turkey

To stop something immediately.

This idiom is similar to the above idiom, but the addition of the verb “go” means that you can use it without the verbs “stop” or “quit”, like in the first idiom.

To quit smoking, I went cold turkey.

My New Year’s Resolution is to go cold turkey on coffee. 


Talk Turkey

To talk business; to talk honestly and opening instead of saving one’s feelings or true opinions.

Let’s be honest, this new project is not working. Let’s talk turkey about what we can do to change things.


To Gobble Something Up

To eat something quickly.

The sound that turkeys make is often called a “gobble.” When you “gobble something up,” you eat it very quickly.

I gobbled up that pie. It was so delicious!


We would like to wish each of our students a Happy Thanksgiving!

Turkey photo from http://www.wattagnet.com/.