CISL San Diego teams up with San Diego Experiences to provide students with discounted tickets to San Diego’s Safari Park. Have you been? It’s an incredible adventure!

The Safari Park is unlike any zoo (even the amazing San Diego Zoo in Balboa Park). The Safari Park gives animals the opportunity to roam freely on hundreds of acres of open area, which gives visitors the chance to see wild animals living together in a very natural environment. It’s incredible!


In addition to the safari, the park offers many shows and exhibits. Check them out, and make sure to plan your trip accordingly so that you don’t miss a show!

Africa Tram

This ride takes you through the exhibits and lets you get a closer look at all of the animals in their naturally-simulated environments. The tours run from 10 am to 6:15 pm every day.



Balloon Safari

Get a bird’s eye view of the animals on the balloon safari! This balloon, which can hold up to 30 people, ascends 400 feet in the air to provide you with a unique view of the park and its animals. It runs from 9 am to closing daily, but only runs when the weather permits.

Cheetah Run

Every day at 3:30, guests can see the amazing cheetah reach its full speed (70 miles per hour!) in this 330 foot long race track. Don’t blink: if you do, you will miss the cheetah whizzing past you! (Seriously: take our advice, and don’t even try to take a photo.)



Elephant Keeper Talk

Learn about elephants . . . and improve your English! Each day at 1:30, the elephant keepers meet with visitors and explain what it is like to care for the Safari Park elephants. The talk is located at the Tembo Stadium in Elephant Valley.


Frequent Flyers Bird Show

Every day at 12 and 2, visitors have the chance to watch beautiful tropical birds perform at the Bird Show Amphitheater in Gorilla Forest. See these beautiful, colorful birds in flight!

Lorikeet Landing

Feed beautiful rainbow-colored lorikeets at this exhibit, which is located in the Nairobi Village. Entrance is free, and guests can purchase the food (a sweet nectar) from a stand in the exhibit. Lorikeet Landing is open from 10 am to 5:15 pm.

Tiger Keeper Talk

Each day at 11:45, guests can hear a lecture by one of the tiger keepers and learn all about caring for this beautiful large cat. The show is located at the Sambutan Longhouse on the Tiger Trail.


If you would like to visit the Safari Park, visit the CISL SD Front Desk. You can also check out the Activities Calendar website for more information on the next CISL-organized trip.

All photos are from the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.