Even before or after class, there are many opportunities for us to increase our English skills. How many of these daily activities are you doing? Try one or two and notice how much quicker your English improves!

1. Change your phone and social media accounts to English.

How many times a day do you access sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? Daily access to the words used on these sites will ensure that they become a part of your vocabulary.


2. Learn one new vocabulary word (or phrasal verb, or idiom) each day.

Learning one new word or expression a day is “doable” (easy to do) and not too overwhelming! What will you learn today? A new business idiom? An adjective to describe something awesome? A new academic-based vocabulary word? A sports idiom? Or how about some California slang? Your options are endless!

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3. Listen to English songs or podcasts during your commute.

Make the most of this time of your day! Learn something new while commuting and you will already have accomplished something before your work day begins. We suggest starting with the Serial podcast if you are an upper intermediate to advanced student. Or check out some of our grammar-based lessons on song lyrics: Beyonce, U2, and Gotye are waiting!

4. Follow English news websites on Facebook and Twitter.

The internet is full of helpful websites that can improve your English. If you read a new post every day, you will learn a new phrasal verb or idiom or vocabulary word daily!


5. Think English while you eat!

Food vocabulary is important! What are you eating? How was it prepared? (Use the Passive Voice for this answer.) What does it taste like? Thinking about your food while you are eating it is a fun way to improve your English skills.


6. Write it all down

Reading or hearing a new word/expression once is simply not enough for most people: you need to review what you learned so that it becomes a part of your English vocabulary. Some students actually carry a small notebook with them to record the English words they learn during the day. This is a great way to record and review what you learn! We also suggest Lingo, an app by iTeach.world which keeps a list of all the vocabulary you learn while online. You can even take tests with Lingo to see how well you remember your new vocab. Click here to learn more.