Experiences from our Swiss student, Dario


Experiences from Dario

Dario came from a small village in Switzerland to San Francisco in order to study English for more than three months at CISL. In the Swiss job market, it is very common to have a Cambridge Certificate, so Dario decided to take the Cambridge preparation course before taking the exam.

la-cisl-sf-tripIt is unusual that he speaks neither German nor French as his first language. His native language is Romansh, a very unique language, based on Italian and only spoken by around 60,000 people in Switzerland. In addition to Romansh and English, he also speaks German very well.

At CISL, he enjoys the fact that there are special classes to study for the Cambridge Certificate where he can practice all the things he needs to know to pass the exam. He is getting more and more confident through practice in the classroom and outside in his residence and by joining activities.pier-39-2014-cisl-san-francisco

After class, Dario likes to enjoy the amenities of a big city like San Francisco. He likes to spend his time at all the famous places, like Union Square and Pier 39. He also took a trip to Los Angeles and other areas of California, where he enjoyed the expanse of the American countryside.