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新コース! グローバルサクセス英語教室


グローバルサクセスコースは、国際経済で成功したい意欲的な学習者、エグゼクティブおよびプロフェッショナルのためにデザインされています。ハイレベルな個別指導を確かなものにするため、これらのコースは少人数制で行われます。(1対1または1対4) 各レッスンには、短期間で結果を出すための明確な目標が設定されています。クラスは、個人指導時間が最大限になるように計画されています。CISLグローバルサクセスの教員スタッフは、全員豊富なビジネス経験を持ち、個人が学習目標を達成できるように熱心に取り組んでいる優秀なネイティブです。

  • ミーティングやプレゼンテーションで話すことに自信が持てます
  • ビジネスレポート、電子メール、ビジネスレターのライティングスキルが上達します
  • 一般用語と業界専門用語の知識が広がります
  • 理解力が深まり応答が速くなります
  • 日常場面での効果的なコミュニケーションを学べます

最大人数4人のグローバルサクセスプログラムは、さまざまな言語スキルのバランスのとれた練習法に基づいて作られています: 語彙および話す力を強化、文章の読解力を高め、手紙、電子メール、レポートの書き方を指導し、プレゼンテーションを実演します。

  • 毎日のミニプレゼンテーション
  • 文法、イディオム、語彙および表現力の能力を向上させるグループレッスン
  • プレゼンテーションの実践練習のためのグループプロジェクト
  • グループコミュニケーションの自信をつけるグループパフォーマンス活動

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Yasmina, BRAZIL

Tatiana, RUSSIA

daniel brazil premier english

I work as an Investment Analyst at a Brokerage House in Brazil. I wanted to study in the Premier English program to improve my listening and comprehension skills. Studying at CISL San Francisco was a good experience to improve my English and to meet different people. . I really enjoyed my private classes because I enjoyed the teaching method that mixed speaking with writing. Come to CISL San Francisco to improve your English and you will enjoy.  

Daniel, BRAZIL

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cea accredited



Testimonial: Mark (Switzerland)

Testimonial: Andrea (Switzerland)


executive english slients


I improved my English with vocabulary and cases related to my business routine. My teacher was extremely dedicated and untiring. She helped me with my difficulties. She is a business woman. I learned English and about international business with her. I very grateful to her for this special month in my life.

Sales Manager, (BRAZIL)


My teacher focused on helping me to upgrade my English conversation, reading comprehension and listening. My teacher was excellent!!! A strong point is the teacher’s business experience.

Project Manager (Israel)


Because she has a business background, the Executive English course is very worthwhile. It is very important that the Executive English teacher is not only a language teacher, it is also important that he/she has business experience.

Marketing Manager (Germany)


The focus on business and presentation skills. “ The teacher knew what my weakness was and directed my learning for them. I improved my ability in business conversation and I am much more confident.

Commercial Director (Brazil)


I think the teacher is an extremely well-prepared person, who is able to involve her students with enthusiasm and great motivation in the work they are doing for learning English. She captures the students’ attention with challenging and interesting exercises and debates.

Car business-owner (Italy)


Opportunity to communicate with interesting business people, including the teacher.

Manager Mergers & Acquisitions (Russia)