My name is Julia, and I am staying in San Francisco for three months. At home in Berlin, Germany, I study English in order to be a High School teacher. Obviously, my English has to be very good and I am happy that I found the homepage of Converse by browsing the Web some months ago. For years, it had been my dream to spend some time in San Francisco because I had heard that it is the most liberal city in the U.S.

So I applied for an internship at Converse San Francisco and learned that I had to take a language course as well. At first, I was a little bit reluctant because I had had some bad experiences with other language schools. However, my skepticism was soon proven wrong. I was placed in the right course level, had an excellent teacher, and never had the feeling that I wasn’t being challenged. Furthermore, this was also a good way to meet new people.

Now I am finished with my language course and working at Converse part-time as an intern. I am learning a lot about the American workplace, and the staff is very friendly and constantly helps me improve my English skills. And I still have got enough time to explore the city, to participate in the great free-time activities and to have a lot of fun.