Mission Dolores Park is an excellent place to to a break from the hectic pace of The City.Where: Dolores Street and 18th Street
Almost all parks are free, but that doesn’t make them worth a visit. However, San Francisco’s Dolores Park could probably charge a small fee and people would still come. Why? Because it is the communal gathering point for many of the Mission Districts young artists, musicians, bloggers, hipsters, and punks. Actually, just about everyone from the neighborhood comes here to hang out. When the weather is nice people have cookouts and drink. You can play tennis or basketball. There is an upper area where men like to sunbath, fondly called Dolores Beach. Plus, if you get bored of being in the park you are only steps away from the heart of the Mission where there are tons of small boutique stores, cheap bars and restaurants, and plenty of style to go around.