Are you an Instagram lover? With over 400 million users worldwide, who isn’t??? Instagram is an excellent way to connect with people from your community (and learn a little more about your new community while you are studying English in SF). Here are 5 accounts you should follow if you are a CISL SF student.

Since we are looking at the account of Chris Messina, inventor of the hashtag, scroll down and check out the Instagram vocab you need to know to use IG in English!

The 5 Best San Francisco Instagram Accounts

Livia Edwords

photo 1

Get a behind the scenes look at the San Francisco Zoo through this Instagram account, which is run by a zookeeper. You don’t have to be an animal lover to appreciate her beautiful shots (but you might become one after seeing some of the adorable faces of the zoo’s animals!)

photo 2


San Francisco in Black & White

photo 3

The beauty of San Francisco is captured perfectly in these classy, striking photos of the city that are (obviously) all in black and white.

photo 4


Instagram Founders Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom

photo 2

Follow the founders of Instagram! Mike and Kevin are SF-based “techies” who created the incredibly popular social media app. Their accounts remind us of the booming tech and social media industries in the Bay Area and their fun shots of the city and of their friends/family remind us of what Instagram is all about: capturing moments. Plus, you can get insider SF tips on places and things to see. A bar in a library? (See below.) Sounds like a fun place to study!

photo 1


Chris Messina

photo 3

He invented the hashtag! That’s reason enough, but his nature photos make us love him even more. #notkidding #whatalegend #thankschris

photo 4


San Francisco No Wrong Way

photo 5

This account offers celebrates the idea that there is “no wrong way” to enjoy the beauty of San Francisco. Its collection of shots from users show the many beautiful places and people of SF, including some “hidden gems” that you might not know about.


Instagram Hashtag Vocab for ESL Students

If you use Instagram, then you’ve probably seen these hashtags! Do you know what they mean?


Throwback Thursday

Recycle your favorite old photos with this great hashtag. A “throwback” is when you “throw it back” to a past time by doing something to honor a past trend or memory.


Outfit Of The Day

Fashion lovers enjoy this hashtag, which allows them to show their trendy clothing choices.


When  you share a photo from another person’s Instagram account, you are “regramming.”


Woman Crush Wednesday

Men love to show the world their awesome partners, and this hashtag allows them to do so!


Man Crush Monday

Woman also love to share their awesome partners with the world! A “crush” is when you have romantic feelings for someone.


Photo Of The Day


People who use Instagram


Flashback Friday

Similar to TBT, this hashtag allows you to share photos of fun times past.



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