“If your best friend came to visit San Diego/San Francisco, what would you do with them on your first day?” We asked our students this question, and after reading all of the entries, it seems like CISL students are amazing tour guides! Congratulations to our winners, Sarah Benghaith and Tanja Sachs!

You might remember that April’s Grammar Lesson of the Month was on Conditionals. Make sure to check out the posts on the first, second, third, and zero conditionals to make sure that you know how to properly respond to a question like the one above, which uses a conditional. Kudos to Sarah and Tanja for doing an incredible job!

– Sarah Benghaith

Actually I don’t have to imagine a lot when it comes to answering this question, because in fact my best friend did come to visit me here in San Francisco last summer.  I met her in the morning of a sunny day right next to the Powell cable car station. After hugging and chatting briefely about what I have missed since I came to the states, we decided to walk along Market Street heading to the Ferry Building. We went into the building to take a look at its interior, cozy cafes, and little stores. Then we took the street car to Peir 39, and as soon as we arrived there, I dragged my friend to watch the sea lions. They were extremly entertaining as usual with their funny noises and small stunts to get the audince to cheer for them. After spending a while watching the sea lions play we decided to enter a few store and buy some funny SF t-shirts.  As the hours passed by we grew hungry, but I had the perfect plan for our late lunch. “In and out,” the great Californian burger place with its four menu choices and its extremely delicious sauce. After we had our big feast, we took the street car back to Powell Street and spent the rest of the day at Union Square enjoying two cups of hot chocolate as we watched all sorts of different people relaxing as we were. 

– Tanja Sachs

If my best friend Sarah came to San Diego, it would be very difficult for me to decide what to show her. But I think I would stay with her here in San Diego and the suburbs, because I really like this city and there are a lot of places to visit.If I had two days to spend with her, I would spend the first day in Downtown San Diego. In the morning, I would show her Balboa Park with all its beautiful places. We would eat there somewhere and in the afternoon I would show her the world famous San Diego Zoo. We would walk around and watch the animals. After, I would show her Horton Plaza. It’s a great idea to shop for some things and we would also have the possibility to eat something. In the evening, I would invite her to a Padres game at Petco Park. I think it’s very important to watch a baseball game if you have the chance to go to America, because in our country we can’t watch a famous baseball game like this.For the next day, I would plan to go to La Jolla. It’s a very good place and you can do a lot of things. I would show her the Children’s Pool with the wild sea lions. After we had watched them, we would go to La Jolla Beach to chill out, swim in the sea, and enjoy the sun. In the afternoon I would suggest going to the La Jolla Shopping Mall, because I know she loves shopping. And in the evening I would propose to go to the movie theater and watch a funny movie. If my best friend Sarah came to San Diego for two days, I would really enjoy the time with her. Sarah and I would do a lot of things and would have a lot of fun the whole time.