After a long day of studying English at CISL, you need to relax a little . . . and the laid-back California culture is perfect for doing so! Here are some suggestions for ways to unwind: but first, five words for relaxing to use as you talk about this important part of a study/vacation.

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Five Words for Relaxing


Part of speech: verb (slang)

Example: I think I’m going to chill for a few hours before dinner.

Wind down

Part of speech: phrasal verb

Example: Before bed, I usually wind down by listening to music.


Part of speech: verb

Example: Dinner with friends is the best way to unwind.


Down time

Part of speech: phrase/expression

Example: I like to enjoy some down time by taking a walk at sunset.


Part of speech: verb (slang)

Example: I just chillaxed all Sunday. It was awesome.

Five Ways to Relax in SD

Need some ways to relax? California has everything you need to unwind. Here are some staff suggestions for ways to wind down.

San Diego La Jolla Surf Sunset

Watch the sunset

It’s California: watching the sunset is almost a religious experience. Go to Mission Beach or Pacific Beach to watch the sun set over the water, or enjoy the view from Downtown. Wherever you are, the colors are beautiful.

Gym Exercise

Hit the gym (or a yoga class)

Fitness is important to Californians, so you’re never in short supply in places to exercise! Take a job, a long walk along the Embarcadero, visit one of the many topnotch yoga studios in SD, or go to your local gym for a class or to work out on the machines. Click here to read our Guide to Exercise for International Students.


Escape to nature

Believe it or not, it’s quite easy to escape to nature in SD, even when you live Downtown! Check out our guide to Picnics in SD for information on places where you can enjoy a meal while you get your daily dose of Mother Nature.

E and O cocktails

Enjoy the happy hours

San Diego’s warm weather makes it the perfect place for happy hour patios. Click here to learn about some of the best happy hours in SD, including some award-winning restaurants in Little Italy.


Explore Balboa Park 

The pride of SD, Balboa Park, is not just the largest park in the West: it’s also a haven of museums, cultural centers, theaters, gardens, and parks. There is always something to do! Our Guide to Balboa Park is a great place to learn some insider tips on this incredible gem of San Diego.

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