Career English student success: Antonio’s experience with an SD real estate company!

Are you interested in gaining work experience in English? With CISL’s Career English Program, students first attend classes to gain the English skills they need in the business environment. During this time, students work closely with the Career English Coordinator to find a company that meets their interests and career goals. After interviewing (in English!) students begin their time with an American company. It’s an exciting way to practice your English skills!

CISL student Antonio Blanco (from Spain) recently worked with Casas Advisors, a real estate company located in San Diego. Let’s hear about his experience!


Overall, Antonio had a wonderful time with his company.

“I have to say it was a really good experience. I was in a real estate company named Casas Advisors and, during my stay, I had to do different tasks as accounting work, making calls or visiting several houses. At the beginning the most difficult task for me was making calls. It seems really easy but it was so hard for me to understand people on the other side of the wire because you can ‘t see their faces when they are speaking. Anyway, after some calls, it was easier and I could to improve my listening a lot. “

In addition to improving his English skills, Antonio says he also gained valuable work experience.

“The task I liked more was ‘accounting work’ because, for the first time, I did something related what I studied…I wanted a company where I could develop my skills in Finance and Accounting, because I got a degree in ‘Business Administration’ and I liked the idea about putting in practice all I learnt.

I learnt as well a few things about how to deal with the clients. It is really important to know your clients and to know what they want. Sometimes they don’t even know what they want so it’s your turn to show them the best option for them. This kind of business could seem easy, to sell houses for people in need, but there is much more behind that. I am sure I can use in the future all the advice they have given me and I am very grateful for it.”

Antonio says he was also fortunate to forge meaningful relationships with his colleagues.

I was very lucky with my co-workers, they were always willing to help me in everything I needed and, as I said, they gave me valuable advises about how to run a business. It was very interesting to see all operational since someone wants a house until they definitely purchase it. I had the opportunity to visit some houses before they were sold so I can figure out how is the process until you show the perfect house to your clients.”

Would he do it all again? According to Antonio, “I can say I chose the best option for me, the co-workers helped a lot in all my tasks and I improved my accounting skills as [well as] my English. I would recommend this type of program to everyone who wanted to improve their English in a different way because it is really worth it.”

We are so happy to hear that you enjoyed your time with Casas Advisors, Antonio!

Would you like to work with an American company and perfect your English skills? Click here to learn about CISL’s Career English Program.