English Idioms with HOT

Known as one of the most beautiful and fun beaches in Southern California, Pacific Beach (called “PB”) joins with Mission Beach to complete a three-mile long white-sand beach with a boardwalk for bicyclists, roller-bladers, and pedestrians. The boardwalk is lined with shops, restaurants, cafes, vendors, and even a roller coaster. It’s a great place to spend a day while you are studying English at CISL San Diego!

Not sure what to do while hanging out in PB? Check out our recommendations (offered by CISL teachers who have lived in PB) for the best places to eat, shop, and hang out. To celebrate the warm weather that PB is known for, this post includes several idioms with “hot.”

 English Idioms with HOT

A day in San Diego’s Pacific Beach


Start your day off right with some breakfast at the famous Kono’s, which is located next to the pier. Prepare yourself for delicious pancakes, and prepare to wait in line for quite some time: these hotcakes are so popular that there is usually a line out the door! Perhaps that’s why we have the expression “going like hotcakes” in English . . .

Not hungry enough for a stack of hotcakes? People-watch at one of the many cafes that line the boardwalk. Enjoy the ocean air, the beautiful view, and the interesting bicyclists, roller-bladers, and pedestrians that pass you by. Look for “Slow Mo,” a local celebrity who has ridden the boardwalk daily (and slowly) for years. Few know that he’s actually a retired doctor. Make sure to wave when he rides by!

English Idioms with HOT
Slomo is a staple on the Pacific Beach boardwalk and adored by locals and tourists. Photo from the Facebook page SLOMO, which is a documentary about this fascinating man.


Need to work off some calories after eating delicious pancakes? There are plenty of activities for you to work up a sweat! Rent bikes at one of the local shops and cruise up and down Mission and Pacific Beaches, or rent some surfboards or boogie boards and take some surf lessons from one of the many surf shops located on the sand. If you’re not too sure about surfing, head across the street to Mission Bay and go paddle boarding, kayaking, or sailing.

English Idioms with HOT
Rent beach cruisers and ride along the three miles of boardwalk for a little exercise.
English Idioms with HOT
Kayaks, canoes, and even sailboats can be rented in Mission Bay, which is separated from Pacific Beach by one small strip of land and one street.

There are several sports activities available for those looking for some competition. Check out the volleyball nets (located where Mission and Pacific beaches meet) and jump in on a game, or grab some paddle boards from a local vendor and play paddle ball with a buddy. It’s always easy to find a few beach-goers to play soccer with, too! Mission Bay also has a basketball court and tennis court. Both are located on a small piece of land that is surrounded by water on three sides, so you feel like you are playing on a small island.

English Idioms with HOT


Want to pick up a new bathing suit, a souvenir, or some trendy clothes? Pacific Beach is known for its shopping. Grand and Garnet streets are lined with boutique shops selling the latest designs, and many of the stores have great sales. Want to pick up a cool gift? Pangaea Outpost might look like one store, but it is actually many small merchants who have come together under one roof. The items from each section vary greatly, and you are sure to find something for your tastes! Make sure to also check out the thrift store Buffalo Exchange for unique, slightly-used items.

English Idioms with HOT
Pangaea, one of the many stores on Pacific Beach’s Garnet Street, is one of the best shops for unique clothes and gifts. Photo from Pangaea.

Eat some more

The Pacific Beach boardwalk is lined with restaurants that have great views of the ocean, and many offer great seafood dishes. Check out Firehouse for a rooftop view, or Pacific Beach Shore Club (located on the second story of a building) for another great chance to see the water while dining.

English Idioms with HOT
A few cocktails while enjoying the beautiful view from Pacific Beach Shore Club.

If you eat at PB Shore Club, make sure to check out their lobster tacos: they are absolutely delicious and are priced very well!

English Idioms with HOT
Pacific Beach Shore Club lobster tacos. Tasty! Both photos from Pacific Beach Shore Club.



Pacific Beach is known as being the “hangout” for young adults: the beach is filled with young people socializing and tanning, and the streets are lined with bars that are often filled as early as 11 am. In short, you will never have a problem making friends in Pacific Beach! (And you just might find somebody who has the hots for you!) At night, the area turns into party central, and many bars have DJs or live music. Make sure to check out the dress code and bring proper identification to get in to these bars and clubs; you might think that the bouncers are full of hot air when they tell you that you are not dressed properly, but they are not. Without planning properly, you’ll be in hot water!

English Idioms with HOT
Pacific Beach streets are lined with bars and restaurants serving up local beers, craft cocktails, seafood, sushi, Mexican food . . . you name it!


The best part of the beach is relaxing, so make sure to do so while visiting PB. Grab a friend, pull up a chair at the beach bar called Lahaina’s Beach House, and watch the sun set over the Pacific. Toast with the locals to a beautiful day well spent.

Pacific Beach Sunset
Make sure to ask a local about the “green flash” during the sunset!


Idioms with hot

Did you catch all of the idioms with “hot” in the above article? Here they are again, along with the definitions:

  • Go like hotcakes: To sell quickly
  • have the hots for someone: To think someone is attractive
  • be full of hot air: To say things that are not true
  • be in hot water: To be in trouble