CISL San Francisco students, staff and teachers enjoyed a wonderful “Welcome to Summer Patio Party” on the rooftop terrace this past Friday.The weather in San Francisco has been significantly warmer than usual so it was a great opportunity for everyone to enjoy some time outside.

Lunch consisted of both vegetarian and meaty pizzas and students had their choice of a refreshing soft drink. The lunchtime was a nice way to unwind after a challenging week of studies.

After enjoying the pizza and drinks, several students stayed around to hang out on the rooftop and discuss upcoming plans for the weekend. Even an exciting game of Koi Koi (a Japanese card game using Hanafuda cards) was enjoyed by several CISL students and Derrick, our Client Services Coordinator. There were smiles all around and everyone’s spirits were high as the Friday weekday ended and the Friday evening weekend began.

How do you enjoy Friday afternoons in San Francisco or San Diego?