Have you ever been rock climbing? CISL San Diego often takes a trip over to Solid Rock for an afternoon of exercise… and adrenalin!

One of our students, Rena from Japan, spoke with us about her experience rock climbing. This was Rena’s second time rock climbing, so we think she is a professional! ๐Ÿ™‚ Even though this was her second time rock climbing, Rena admits that she was a little nervous because “I’m not good at exercising.” Oh no! Her friend took some great photos as she climbed. She might not think she is good at exercising, but she sure makes it look easy!

The real question after any extreme sport is “Would you do it again?” Rena admits that after rock climbing, she was “very tired because we use [the] power of our entire bodies!” but she also says that she would definitely go again “if there is a chance.” Don’t worry, Rena: there will be! CISL San Diego goes rock climbing about once a month, although students can always book a session on their own if they cannot wait until the next activity.

Will Rena’s next rock climbing adventure be different than this one? Rena says that “I have to train body to climb more smoothly.” Let us know if you go back, Rena, and if you rock climbing skills improve. And thanks for sharing your experience with the CISL Blog!