What do you do to relax in San Diego/San Francisco?

We asked our CISL students this question late March, and were so impressed with the entries! Students submitted many wonderful stories about their favorite thing to do to relax. From jogging through San Francisco to relaxing in beautiful Balboa Park, CISL students have plenty of activities to relax after a hard day of studying English! The entries we received were beautifully written, but unfortunately, we could only choose two winners. Congratulations to our writing champions: Takeshi Watanabe and Valentine Jacques!

San Francisco 

Nature as Remedy – Takeshi Watanabe

In this era of stressful society, it is important for people to spend some time relaxing, and let bygones be bygones. Going clubbing or hanging out with friends, per se, may be effective to forget about our everyday work. However, going to the outskirts of the city to enjoy the quiet and peaceful scenery of mountains would be my choice of relaxation. 

Nature is something people often forget to feel when working or studying in the busy streets of San Francisco city. Let the car run all the away north or south from the city and that is where I would find the perfect place for relaxation. Harmony of nature. The irresistible scenery of purely green mountains and the blue oceans gives me the feeling of being something small in the middle of something big. Countless clouds line along the horizon quietly as if telling me not to rush in life. 

The soft rustle of white sands at the beach and the cold breeze from the Pacific Ocean wipe away all my worries. Luminary stars slowly seep in the cosmic ocean as a thin moon starts lighting the tranquil mountains warmly. Should I be carrying any disturbing grudge or hatred, then they will all be forgotten. After cleaning up my heart with the power of nature, I will be ready for work. 


San Diego

Hard Rock Hotel – Valentine Jacques

In San Diego, my favorite thing to do to relax is going to the Hard Rock Hotel.

At the beginning, I thought I wasn’t allowed to go upstairs to the swimming pool so I asked and they were pleased to show me the way to go there. It’s so relaxing, you just can’t imagine!

The walls are very high so there is no wind and even if it’s like sixteen degrees. When it’s really cold outside, it’s boiling up there.

There are a lot of beds where you can soak up the sun and you can also go swimming in the swimming pool.  They also offer us water glasses with pleasure. This is my favorite place because I can spend good times with my friends, people are so nice and because it’s a laid-back environment.


Thank you to all of the CISL students who participated in the writing contest. We hope that you enjoyed writing about your city: we certainly enjoyed reading your entries and were incredibly impressed with your writing skills! Good luck to all of our students who are currently working on the next writing topic.