Aviation English in San Diego, California

Maximum 4 students per class if available or Private Lessons. Strong focus on speaking and pronunciation!

Perfect English skills for use in an aviation career with CISL’s Aviation English!

This specialized program is aimed at providing clients with the skills necessary for professional aviation communications.

Course Description

The Aviation English course is designed to teach English skills necessary to meet the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) language proficiency requirements: reaching ICAO Operational Level 4 or higher on the rating scale is the underlying goal. To achieve this, the course’s primary focus is on improving the client’s ability to communicate effectively and with confidence in all six language skill areas specified in the ICAO Rating Scale: pronunciation, structure, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension and interactions. A final exam will be given based on the ICAO rating scale.

Course Objective

The objectives of this course are achieved by using a communicative approach to learning. After completing this program, clients will be able to:

  • communicate effectively in voice-only (telephone/radiotelephone) and in face to-face situations
  • communicate on common, concrete and work-related topics with accuracy and clarity
  • use appropriate communicative strategies to exchange messages and to recognize and resolve misunderstandings (e.g. to check, confirm, or clarify information) in a general or work-related context
  • handle successfully and with relative ease the linguistic challenges presented by a complication or unexpected turn of events that occurs within the context of a routine work situation or communicative task with which they are otherwise familiar
  • use a dialect or accent which is intelligible to the aeronautical community

Key Features

The textbook for this program includes Cambridge Flightpath and additionally uses authentic supplemental materials. Clients receive individual attention and small group practice to ensure success. Additionally, classes place a strong emphasis on improving speaking and pronunciation skills through curriculum specifically designed for the aviation field. Student assessment and success are measured through weekly quizzes that include aviation-related vocabulary and speaking skills. Speaking quizzes are assessed in both testing formats and role-playing formats.

Requirements: Aviation English students must have a CISL entrance exam score of 70% or higher.

English for Aviation
LevelsUpper‐Intermediate (B2) to Proficient (C2)
Maximum # of students per class4
Lessons per week20
Hours per week16.7
ScheduleMonday-Friday from 9:00 a.m.-10:40 a.m. & 11:00 a.m. -12:40 p.m.
Start datesTBA
Course length12 weeks
Language focusProfessional Aviation English

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Note: Students taking any 20‐lesson per week course and who are requesting an I‐20 for a student visa will also need to take either an Afternoon Elective or attend a 1.5 hour Study Hall session each week in order to meet the 18‐hour per week minimum requirement for the student visa. One lesson = 50 minutes. For more information about U.S. visas, please read visa information here or contact us directly using the online inquiry form.