CISL Premier English for Engineers in San Diego, California

Small Group Classes (Maximum 4 students per class if available) or Private Lessons

Learn to communicate effectively in the highly technical language of engineering with this comprehensive and rigorous course. As part of CISL’s Premier English program, English for Engineers students attend small classes (no more than 4 students per class) and focus on aspects of the English language for professionals working in the engineering industry as well as Engineering students and recent graduates preparing for a career in the Engineering industry.

This course is for those currently working in (or interested in) all engineering fields, including civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering. It is also ideal for those who work in branches of the industry, such as engineering technicians and technical managers.

Course Details

This 2, 4, or 6-week course includes:

  • Vocabulary focused on engineering and technology (dimensions, precision, and causes and effects, etc.)
  • Language related to design phases and procedures and processes
  • The ability to express problems and solutions as well as capabilities and limitations
  • Practice working with written instructions, drawings, and notices
  • Verbal focus on the ability to discuss quality issues, repairs, maintenance, technical requirements, regulations, standards, suitability and relative performance
  • A strong emphasis on language for suggesting ideas and solutions
  • Classroom activities focused on mock work environments for additional verbal practice with communication in engineering


Students who qualify for the English for Engineers course must be at the B2 Level.

CourseLevelsDescriptionIBT TOEFLTOEFL C ScoreFCE ScoreCAE ScoreEntrance examIELTS
INTERMEDIATE (B1)5 & 6Uses simple and continuous present, past and future tenses with confidence; beginning to feel comfortable with passive and subjunctive/conditional moods. Sentences and descriptions are much more complex and precise. Becoming comfortable with present perfect.57-86400-60045%-59%0-44%50-69%4-5
UPPER INTERMEDIATE (B2) & LOW ADVANCED (B2+)7 & 8Able to employ contrastive present, past and future tenses with confidence. Present and Past Perfect, both active and passive, are handled well and compound tenses are beginning to be used in a more natural manner. Speaking and presentations demonstrate growing confidence and effectiveness.87-109600-80060%-74%45%-59%71-89%5.5-6.5


9 & 10Compound tenses such as future perfect and present perfect/past perfect continuous are understood and used more comfortably; students understand and effectively use timelines and contrastive tenses. Presentations are confident, detailed and demonstrate not only skill in Grammar, but also style and effective mood.110-120800 & up75%-79%60%-74%90-100%7-8

Career English Option

CISL recommends that Engineering English students also enroll in the Career English program, which gives students the opportunity to practice their newly acquired English skills at a San Diego Engineering firm. Click here for information on Career English program.