luis Luis from Spain, who speaks Spanish as well as Basque, wanted to improve his English so he decided to come to America. He chose San Francisco, because his father told him about his own experiences, that San Francisco is the nicest city on the American West Coast.

The classes at CISL San Francisco helped him discover his strengths and weaknesses in English. Even though he studied for only three weeks at CISL, his speaking skills improved a lot, and he’s also more confident about his grammar. He appreciated being corrected by the teachers in his class because this helped him not just to learn the grammar rules, but also how to use them. Aside from English grammar and vocabulary he learned a lot about the American culture inside and outside the school.

Luis traveled through out the city and the whole area of northern California. He visited Dolores Park, the Redwood Forests, and Twin Peaks, where he watched the city by night. Even though he is an experienced hiker, he had never seen trees like the redwood trees here in California. He will go back to Spain with a bunch of great experiences.

by Roman