Summer is coming to an end . . . but let’s be honest: long into the fall, it still feels like summer in San Diego! To celebrate the official end of summer, we suggest that our students take the opportunity to experience some of the best outdoor events that San Diego has to offer.

1. Picnic in Balboa Park


Balboa Park is one of the few public spaces in San Diego where alcohol is allowed, which makes it a great place to hang out with friends, drink a beer, and enjoy the beautiful scenery and architecture. Check the park website (or posted signs) to find out exactly where alcohol is allowed. (And remember: no glass. Only plastic and cans!)

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2. Play Beach Volleyball

shutterstock_55790734 (1024x683)

Mission Beach and Pacific Beaches are known for their activities, including volleyball. Join a game, or grab your own volleyball and some friends, and get fit while getting tan!

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3. Visit the Birch Aquarium


The Birch Aquarium hosts thousands of local and exotic fish and ocean life. See some of the most incredible creatures living under the sea, including the gorgeous sea dragons (pictured above). After touring the exhibits, enjoy the view of La Jolla from their outside area, where you can also pet rays and starfish.


4. Watch the fireworks from Mission Bay


Sea World hosts nightly fireworks shows from May to September, so don’t miss the last of these shows! Grab a blanket and some friends and watch the beautiful display over the bay’s calm waters.

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5. Go kayaking in La Jolla


Truthfully, La Jolla’s conditions are great for kayaking year-round, but the end of summer is a particularly great time because beautiful leopard sharks, which are in the cove to mate, inhabit the area until November. Kayaking has never seemed so scary! And yet it isn’t: leopard sharks are harmless (and beautiful) creatures.

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6. Visit the tide pools in Point Loma


If you don’t feel like exploring the Pacific from the water itself (either by boat or by kayak), then explore from the water’s edge by visiting the Point Loma tide pools. Colorful starfish, anemones, sea urchins, crabs, fish, mussels . . . you never know what you will find!

7. Go blue whale watching

Summer is the blue whale migration season: don’t miss this chance to see the largest animal in the world as they feed in the waters off of San Diego. Blue whales are found near the coast until September, and they are known for being engaging with the tour boats: it is not uncommon for spectators to see the curious whales playfully rolling over and swimming very close to the boats to get a closer look at people. Of course, with any boat tour in San Diego, there is always a good chance of seeing dolphins!





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