Jake’s San Francisco Experiences

Jake, whose Korean name is Sangwon Jung, took a year off from his university in South Korea to seek new experiences and to improve himself. He decided to go to San Francisco for six months to study English and to meet a lot of people from all over the world in this exciting city.

The fact that he wanted to improve his speaking and listening skills the most, led him to decide to come to CISL San Francisco. He heard about the small classes and the many opportunities to speak and discuss with teachers and other students.

Living in San Francisco is very different for him, compared to South Korea. The biggest difference   between the two different countries, is the diversity of the people in San Francisco. Jake enjoys meeting people from al­most every continent and learning about their cultures. In Korea, this would be very difficult be­cause there are very few non-Korean people.

He has traveled to Las Vegas to gamble and to visit the Grand Canyon. He also visited the famous Yosemite Park, and he will go to Los Angeles where he will finish his trip.

His favorite place in San Francisco is Golden Gate Park. He likes the big park because its barbecue facilities present a great place to spend time with friends.





by Sangwon Jung
CISL San Francisco