Five great verbs for CISL TOEFL students

CISL TOEFL classes begin on Tuesday, July 9 and the next SD and SF TOEFL tests will be held in just four weeks. Best of luck to our students! To help them prepare, we have five useful verbs to help improve TOEFL vocabulary. These words can be applied to any section of the test.


1. Abandon

To give up completely

I abandoned all hope of learning English . . . until I took classes at CISL.


2. Accelerate

To quicken, speed up

To accelerate your English skills, try watching movies with subtitles.


3. Blemish 

To ruin or decay

There isn’t a blemish on San Diego’s beautiful beaches.


4. Nettle

To irritate or provoke

The best way to nettle my teacher is to speak my native language . . . so I never do!


5. Writhe

To twist (usually with pain)

He writhed on the floor in pain. It was so dramatic!


Best of luck to students taking the test on July 26!