The temperatures are rising in California, and this means one thing for San Diego residents and CISL SD students: the fair is here!!

Each year, cities across the United States put on a local fair. Fairs in the U.S. vary from city to city, but most have a few things in common:  they must have a display of local farm animals (which are judged and given awards), there must be an art section featuring the works of local artists (which are also judged), there must be rides (the Ferris wheel is an icon!) and it must have over-the-top, unhealthy food.



“Fair food” has become a joke for most, but also a tradition for many. It seems that each year, food vendors compete to come up with the most outrageous, (and usually unhealthy) new fair foods. Bacon-wrapped pickles that are fried? Fried oreos? Fried Kool-Aid? Fried cookie dough? The options are insane! Going to the fair and trying just one of these wacky new dishes is a “must-do.”


A huge aspect of the fair is the rides. The Ferris wheel is a symbol of the fair, and the Ferris wheel of the San Diego Fair offers beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean. There are many other exhilarating rides for visitors to choose from: ones that drop from hundreds of feet in the air; others which spin around and upside-down so quickly that everything becomes a blur.


This year, the San Diego fair (which is held at the Del Mar Fairgrounds) will be open until  Thursday, July 4. Admission is $13.00 for adults. Tickets can be purchased with cash or a credit card, and a credit or debit card is also accepted at most vendors.

For more information, and to see a list of activities and events during the 2013 fair, please visit: