Are you studying English at CISL San Diego this year? If so, we have some recommendations for your list of 2015 resolutions: things you absolutely must do while living in SD! How many of these have you done?

Five New Year’s Resolutions for CISL SD Students


BLT Salad and bacon mary

1. Two words: American brunch

It’s not scrambled eggs and bacon and toast: American brunch is top-notch, delicious, and the best way to spend your Sunday afternoon. Check out our post on The Best Brunches for some suggestions in San Diego.


2. Know your beaches

For many, the beach you go to on any given day depends on your mood: each offers a different experience. Are you looking for a beautifully scenic day? You need Coronado, which was voted the Best Beach in the United States. Are you interested in a day of socializing and fun-in-the-sun that might turn into a night of bar-hopping? Your destination is Pacific Beach. Learn your beaches with our article on the Beaches on San Diego, and then try them all. It’s difficult homework, we know.


3. Align yourself with your favorite taco shop

You’re an official San Diegan when you have sampled the city’s taco shops/Mexican food and then decided on your favorite. Click here for our article on Fish Tacos (if you haven’t tried them, they’re delicious . . . and a San Diego original!) and click here for our article on San Diego vs. San Francisco Burritos.


4. Explore Balboa Park, inside and out

We know, we know . . . it’s difficult to plan an activity that is away from the beach. But Balboa Park, the largest park West of the Mississippi River, is worth exploring more than once: from sports to museums to hiking to photography to tennis, Balboa Park offers a little of something for everyone. Check it out! For more information, read our Introduction to Balboa Park and Insider’s Guide to Balboa Park.


5. Attend a festival

You are living in the microbrew capital of the United States: take advantage and enjoy the beer festivals! You might also want to explore the oyster, wine, food, sushi, music, and film festivals that San Diego hosts. Unsurprisingly, these fun festivals are all outside, so we can all enjoy San Diego’s beautiful weather. Check out the City of San Diego website for a full calendar of events, and make sure to check back on the CISL Blog: we cover most of the events that our students find interesting.