Sergio has been preparing for the CAE Exam at CISL San Francisco for the past 8 weeks. Most weeks, he studies from 9:00am-12:40pm Monday to Friday to improve his skills and spends time with his friends on the weekends.

Two weeks ago was a very special week for Sergio because he celebrated his 50th birthday! His lovely wife traveled to San Francisco from Brazil so that she could enjoy the birthday weekend with her husband.

“It was very nice to celebrate my birthday in San Francisco. At first I was a little frightened to celebrate such a special birthday away from my family and friends, but I had a wonderful opportunity to celebrate here and everyone at the school was like my family away from home!”
Sergio is taking the official CAE Exam this weekend at CISL San Francisco. “The teachers here don’t let you slack off in the class and I feel prepared.”

Good luck in the CAE Exam, Sergio! We know you’ll do a wonderful job.