Back home in Switzerland, Esther practically lives and breathes music. She sells a variety of musical instruments, plays bass guitar in two rock bands, and her boyfriend is a musician too.
Amazingly, Esther says she did not bring her guitar with her to San Francisco because “I wanted to focus on improving my English.” She feels like her speaking skills have improved the most during her Intensive English course but I can tell that she misses playing music multiple times a week.

Esther smiled as soon as she saw the ukulele and quickly strummed a catchy tune. Although she’s not playing the guitar very often right now, at the end of her course, Esther and her boyfriend will take a one month “music tour” in the United States. She’s excited to visit Corona, California because there is a famous guitar company that she is going to visit. “I want to say hello and tell them that I sell your guitars in Switzerland!”

Additional stops on the road trip include Las Vegas, Nevada; Miami, Florida; “Music City” Nashville, Tennessee and Santa Cruz, California to visit an acoustic guitar company. At the end of her 4 month stay in the U.S. Esther will have a greater knowledge of English and an even greater passion for guitar. Maybe song writing in English will be next! Stay tuned. J