Everyone at CISL San Francisco knows that Julie and Olivia are friends. BEST FRIENDS. These roommates eat lunch together, travel together, and sometimes even dress alike!

Although they are both from South Korea, they have the opportunity to meet people from other countries while in class. Olivia is in an Intermediate level class in the mornings and Julie has been preparing for the FCE Exam for the past 8 weeks (Cambridge First Certificate in English).
On the weekends, they travel as much as possible. They visited Los Angeles, Santa Monica Beach, and San Diego during Memorial Day weekend and had a fantastic time!

This weekend, Julie will be taking the FCE Exam here at CISL San Francisco while Olivia packs her bags for their next big getaway. These “besties” will be on vacation in Canada for two weeks! What a great way to celebrate the end of an exam preparation course. Olivia and Julie, we can’t wait to see pictures of Canada when you come back!