When I spend time in the Multi Media Lounge at CISL San Francisco, our students are often planning something exciting for the weekend.

“What are you doing?” I asked one happy group of students.

“We’re buying tickets!” one smiled.

After working for a few additional minutes, I became curious again and asked, “Where are you traveling?”

“We’re not traveling, we’re going to a GIANTS game!” I heard.

These students are new to CISL San Francisco and are definitely taking advantage of the professional sporting options available in the San Francisco Bay Area.

A total of 6 students are going to the game this Friday evening, and four of them were printing out their admission tickets during lunchtime.
It’s the first American baseball game that the ladies will be attending. Sanga (South Korea) is looking forward to watching the baseball game and enjoying time with the group, while Franziska (Germany) says, “It’s famous so I want to go!”

Philipp has been to an American baseball game before, but enjoys the special experience because his home country (Switzerland) does not have a baseball league.

The San Francisco GIANTS are playing against the Texas Rangers on this particular evening and Yubeen from Korea tells me that they are rooting “for the San Francisco GIANTS, of course!”
Who will win?! Let’s go GIANTS!