What happens when students from around the world get together? A soccer game turns into a samba lesson! Earlier this month, 21 CISL San Diego students met up with students from other international schools in the San Diego area to play soccer and mingle.

While mostly boys participated in the game, plenty of girls came to cheer them on!

All of the participants were treated to some snacks, including–what else?–hamburgers!

After the game finished, the fun was not over. Several Saudi Arabian students taught the rest of the group how to samba! It was a hilariously good time.

As our student William said, “I enjoyed the soccer tournament. It was an opportunnity to make new friends and improve my English.” We hope that everyone enjoyed this fun event and are looking forward to another soccer game soon. Maybe a rematch for the losers??


Useful definitions for words in this article:

met up (phrasal verb): the past tense of meet is met. To meet up is to meet, usually to socialize.

mingle (verb): to socialize, to hang out.

match (noun): another game, usually because the loser of the first game wants another chance to win!