Last week, CISL San Diego took a trip to the Zoo in Balboa Park. Spring is an excellent time to visit the Zoo: the flowers are in bloom, some of the animals have recently had babies, and the cool temperatures encourage the animals to play, giving visitors a great show!

Several of our students were kind enough to share their photos and their Zoo stories with us. Thanks to each of them for sharing!

“San Diego Zoo is an unforgettable place to spend a day with your friends! I’m surprised by the attempt to protect the animals and recreate their natural environment. I really liked gardens with bamboo, eucalyptus and other colorful flowers.

The zoo is huge and you can see many animals: lions, tigers, gorillas, flamingos, elephants, monkeys, hippopotamus, camels, panda, bears… My favorite animals were the Caribbean flamingos. (Sara from Italy)

“You have two options visiting zoo: the first, you can take a bus and get off different stops to see animals or, second one, you can walk around, watching animals. My favorite animal is the Panda.” (Cecile from France)

“Spending the afternoon at the zoo was very nice. Everything is very beautiful and clean there. We saw a lot of different animals, but the polar bears, the panda, the elephants and the lions are the most popular. The zoo is huge, so we took the bus to make sure that we knew all park. It is a beautiful place, with different kinds of trees and flowers. Very organized, we didn’t have localization problems. It´s a good program to do with friends, it was amazing.” (Luisa from Brazil)