7 students, 5 Drivers from 4 different countries, 3 States, 1 Van, All in One Weekend Adventure!

CISL San Francisco students enjoying a weekend in Las Vegas
CISL San Francisco students enjoying a weekend in Las Vegas

Students at CISL San Francisco work hard during the week and plan exciting weekend getaways to enjoy the U.S. as much as possible. I spoke with Thais, a long-term student from Brazil, one Monday morning during Break time and she told me about the fabulous road trip she and her friends had taken over the weekend. After class on Friday afternoon, the students rushed to a local rental car company and selected a classic minivan.  The first stop on their trip was Las Vegas, a journey 8 hours and 570 miles away. The students on the trip were from Brazil, France, Spain, and Switzerland so they had a lot of opportunity to speak in English throughout the course of the weekend.

After a fun evening enjoying the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas city lights, the students set out on their journey to the Grand Canyon. It was a first-time experience for everyone and though they had to drive another 4 hours from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon they couldn’t have been happier.

At one point Thais told me that they got into a controversial midnight debate with their international friends in the van. “At that point, I didn’t know which language I was speaking. It was a mixture of Portuguese, Spanish, and French, but my objective was to speak in English!”

The beauty of studying at CISL San Francisco is that there are so many exciting destinations close by. Often times our students enjoy visiting Yosemite National Park, the central coast of Carmel and Monterey, Napa Valley for winetasting, Hollywood, and more. The trips are always more exciting when taken with great international friends to these new destinations. The result is an All-American experience filled with a variety of global perspectives.

Where are you most excited to travel when you study at CISL?