Aviation English Vocabulary + What to Pack for Studying English in SD

Aviation English Vocabulary + What to Pack for Studying English in SDEnglish is the official language of the aviation industry; therefore, pilots and other aviation workers are required to have a high level of English. Do you know these aviation English vocabulary words? Learning them will help your career in this industry take off!

Aviation English Vocabulary


Definition: In the air; flying.


Definition: The vertical distance from the Earth (at sea level) to an aircraft in flight.


Definition: The inside of the airplane where passengers sit.


Definition: The body of an airplane: the wings and tail are attached to the fuselage.


Definition: A building at the airport where airplanes are kept when not in use.


Definition: A measure of speed. One knot equals one nautical mile per hour.

Aviation English Vocabulary + What to Pack for Studying English in SD


Definition: The act of making the airplane contact the ground or water, ending the flight.

Landing gear

Definition: The parts of the airplane which support the airplane on land or water (usually wheels, although landing gear for planes that land on water include skis). Usually the gear is retractable and folds into the airplane during flight.


Definition: The person who controls the airplane.


Definition: A piece of equipment turned by an engine in order to help the plane fly.


Definition: A machine that uses radio waves to detect and locate objects. The objects are “seen” on a radar screen.


Definition: A surface or area on the airport designated for airplanes to take off and land.

Aviation English Vocabulary + What to Pack for Studying English in SD


Definition: The back part of the airplane.


Definition: The part of the flight when the airplane reaches flying speed and becomes airborne.


Definition: Speed.


Definition: The distance at which objects can be seen and recognized. Smoke, fog, and storms can hinder visibility.

Aviation English Vocabulary + What to Pack for Studying English in SD

What to Pack for SD

What is something that everyone associates with travel? Packing! You don’t need a career in aviation to enjoy our list of things to pack before moving to San Diego. Make sure these items are in your suitcase before you begin your CISL adventure.

Bathing suit

Yes, even in the winter, a bathing suit is a good idea. Hotel rooftop pools (and even the beach!) will be accessible during warm winter days. (Don’t believe us? Check out these statistics about the weather in San Diego throughout the year.) These days aren’t an everyday occurrence, but they do happen! Don’t regret not having your bathing suit on a warm January day.

Casual clothes

Californians–especially San Diegans–are very casual. Jeans, t-shirts, sundresses, and comfortable sandals or sneakers are everyday wear for practically everyone.


Aviation English Vocabulary + What to Pack for Studying English in SD

Comfortable walking shoes

You will want to see the many sites of the city, and most are best seen on foot. Walk down the Embarcadero, explore the Gaslamp District, walk along Pacific Beach or Coronado, shop in La Jolla, or spend the day walking the beautiful outdoor mall in Mission Valley. Your feet will thank you for wearing comfortable shoes!

Exercise clothing

Californians love to exercise! From hiking to organized sports, there is always something to do. Make sure that you are dressed for these activities (and check out our Guide to Exercising in the U.S. for tips on how to stay healthy while studying abroad).

Light jacket

Even in the summer, San Diego is perfectly cool during the evenings. Always go out with a sweater or a light jacket so you can sit outside and enjoy the cool evening weather.


These are a staple of any Californian’s wardrobe! The year-round sun will always make you want to grab your shades before going out.  


Californians wear sunscreen every day, and you should, too. This is something you can get at most stores throughout the year, so if you don’t pack it, you can buy it as soon as you arrive. Make sunscreen application a part of your daily routine!


Come fly with us in beautiful San Diego! CISL San Diego offers Aviation English classes for students interested in (or currently working in) the exciting field of aviation. The Aviation English course teaches English skills necessary to meet the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) language proficiency requirements. It focuses on improving the client’s ability to communicate effectively and with confidence in all six skill areas specified in the ICAO Rating Scale: pronunciation, structure, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension and interactions. Contact CISL for more information.