It’s September, which means something special for millions of students around the world . . . it’s time to go back to school!

Of course, at CISL, every Monday is a “back to school” day: because we have open enrollment, students can begin their classes at CISL any Monday of the year, and students can graduate on any Friday. But to celebrate this event, we are offering a list of expressions with “back.”


Back and forth (idiom)

Moving in one direction and then in the other direction.

Example: I went back and forth in the parking lot because I couldn’t find my car!


Back off (phrasal verb)

Move back to give someone space; stop being so aggressive

Example: He has worked for our company for 6 weeks, and he keeps asking our boss for a raise. I think he needs to back off.


Back to Back (idiom)

One right after the other

Example: We watched the Lord of the Rings movies back to back yesterday.


To go behind someone’s back (idiom)

To do something and another person does not know.

Example: He went behind my back and tried to get my job!


Way back when (idiom)

A long time ago.

Example: My grandpa was a professional runner way back when.


Good luck to all of our former students as they go back to school in their native countries! We hope to see you back at CISL again soon!