What is more American than baseball? We can’t think of anything!

Yesterday marked the Opening Day of baseball in San Diego, and many of our students celebrated by going to this year’s first Padres baseball game.  (Go Padres!)  One of our students, Changtaek Lee from Korea, answered some questions about his experience at the game and shared some photos as well. Thank you, Changtaek, for talking with us about your baseball experience! It looks like you and your friends had a great time.

To all CISL students: don’t forget that CISL often offers tickets, and that these tickets sell out quickly! Check the activities calendar to see if there is an upcoming game, and reserve your tickets as soon as possible!


Have you gone or watched a Baseball game before?

-> Yes sure. I’m crazy about baseball. Before I came to America, I always watched baseball games and sometimes I’ve gone to stadiums.


What was your favorite part of the baseball game?

-> I like all kinds of parts of baseball games, but 7th Inning Stretch time is the best. We can listen to rhythmic music and get a gift in this time.

In Korea, there is ‘Kiss Time.’  If a cameraman focused on some spectators who look like couples, they should kiss together.

All other people encourage them to kiss again and again. I hope I can get a chance some day. 🙂


Did you eat anything? If yes, what did you have?

-> I ate nacho chips and a slice of pizza with coke. I usually eat that kind of food but today, those were more delicious than I expected.

I think that’s because I ate with my friends in Petco Park.

Did you buy a souvenir? If yes, what was it?

-> I bought an authentic jersey. It was kind of expensive but that’s an ESSENTIAL item to baseball nuts.


Would you recommend other students (or your friends) go to a Baseball game?

-> Totally. Not only watching baseball game but enjoying all kinds of things. We can eat so many foods and drink a beer.

Also, It’s very funny to cheer our team with other fans. Even if our team loses today, it’s definitely okay because that atmosphere makes us overjoyed.

So I always think that a baseball park is kind of an entertainment park. That’s why I love baseball.