If you’re in California studying English, one thing is certain to happen: you’ll pick up some California slang!

Not surprisingly, a lot of California slang has its roots in the surfing culture. Below are some words often used by surfers, but you don’t have to be a surfer to use these slang words; in fact, many are commonly used by Californians. In the cases when a word is used both by surfers and the land-loving populations, we have included both definitions. 


Surfer Slang (used by everyone)

Generation definition: Having an aggressive attitude; having a bad attitude.

Example: You are such an aggro driver. 

Surfer definition: Being aggressive in the water

Example: He became really aggro when he was stuck in traffic.

General definition: Getting excited about something.

Example: I’m amped about tomorrow’s test because I studied really hard for it. 

Surfer definition: Getting excited to surf.

Example: I’m so amped for our trip to Las Vegas!

Generation definition: To leave.

Example: I’m tired. Do you want to bail? (from a place, such as a party)

Surfer definition: to jump of the surfboard in order to avoid being thrown off because of a wave.

Example: He bailed in the middle of the wave. 


Surfer Slang (used only by surfers)

General definition: the purple dinosaur on a children’s show.

Surfer definition: An inexperienced surfer.

Example: I was a total barney for the first year, so don’t give up when you first try surfing!

Beach Leech
General definition: There isn’t one! This is entirely a surfer term.

Surfer definition: A person who doesn’t bring their own supplies to the beach and borrows (leeches) yours.

Example: Your roommate is such a beach leech. I don’t have any sunscreen anymore because he used all of mine.

Generation definition: a name for a male.

Surfer definition: A non local.

Example: There were a bunch of bennies at the beach this morning.


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