Wanda’s class submitted essays for the essay contest and I am proud to announce that the winner from her class is Yasunobu (Mikey). Please see below for Mikey’s blog entry:

How Would You Describe Your Study Abroad Experience?

Hello, I’m a businessman who came from Hiroshima, Japan. I have been studying business English, TOEIC preparation, and the other all English skill which I need at CISL in San Francisco, USA from this April. During this time, even though studying English is quite tough for me because the linguistic system is completely different from Japanese, I’m pleased to say that I have rapidly and constantly been able to improve my English proficiency. For example, my TOEIC score was improved by over 100 points for the short terms despite of the fact that it was about 700 points before beginning the lessons. It was an unexpected delightful miscalculation, and I sincerely appreciate the hospitality CISL showed me during my English study. Mere words could never express my gratitude, yet I will try to explain how grateful I am for everything that CISL has done.

In addition, I enjoyed an extremely wonderful life in San Francisco because CISL could always offer fantastic and dedicated entertainment after school. For instance, when  I asked that I wanted to see the baseball game between Oakland vs. Seattle, CISL immediately planned that excursion. As a result, I was able to see the single to left which Ichiro made in Oakland. Honestly speaking, never did I see such a positive and excellent language school which showed fancy footwork. Moreover, I think that these exciting activities were very good chances to talk with not only other country’s students but also native speakers outside of the class. I could really use these interesting opportunities I preferred. Thank you very much!