Exciting updates from CISL SF Alumni


I always wanted a job in aviation. I come from an aviation family and my parents flew a glider when I was a child. Now I am completing job training for aircraft maintenance. The aviation language is English and I needed to improve my English because I will apply for a pilot job in the future. I studied at CISL San Francisco for 6 weeks in 2008. In Germany, I studied English in school as an Intensive course, but I just learned grammar and writing.

Here at CISL, it was completely different to be in class with no Germans. I still remember my first day at the school and taking my Placement Test. I even remember my presentation! It was pretty helpful doing my presentation on gliding. It helps me in school now when I am presenting in English. It makes it easier for me.

My school is a technical school, but our materials are in English. It’s not too difficult for me to communicate, but sometimes I get stuck. There is always something to learn and improve.

I am the third person in my family to take classes here at CISL San Francisco. My uncle took classes here 15 years ago, then my sister after she finished school, and then me. We had a great time here in 2008. I’m still in contact with friends I met 4 years ago. A friend from Korea even came to visit me in Germany.  Martin, GERMANY

I studied at CISL San Francisco for 5 weeks in 2007. I had no special reason to improve my English, my intention was to learn English and I also knew the School Director. I decided to study at CISL San Francisco because I love San Francisco and you always need English in your life when you travel to different countries and to understand English music.


Everything improved when I studied at CISL. I could speak very, very good English after these 5 weeks. I returned to Switzerland and I started culinary school. Now I’m a chef at a restaurant that specializes in fusion cuisine that is a mixture of French, Asian, and Italian. I don’t have to use English for my job, but I use my English skills to understand English music and when I travel. My experience at CISL San Francisco was really nice and because of this, I came back to visit. There are nice people and teachers. I think CISL San Francisco is the best school I visited.